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History of Electric Cars
Did you know EVs go back over 100 years

IRS forms
Electric Vehicle Purchase two or three wheeled low speed (8834)
Electric Vehicle Purchase full size BEV (8936)




 48 numbered switchbacks, to the top of an Alpine Pass for our EVs to “tractor” up.


Electric Auto Association Chairperson, Ron Freund, writes about his WAVE 2015 European electric car rally. 

"The parade of EVs included a Nissan e-NV200 van and LEAFs, several BMW i3, VW e-Golf and E-Up!, Opel Ampera (the European Chevy Volt), Th!nk ‘City’, Twike (3-wheel), Renault Zoe, a rare BYD e-6, Tesla Roadsters and Model S, along with Zero SR motorcycles, Kia Soul EV, handbuilt e-motorcycles, several converted vehicles (including a VW Vanagen with 106 kWh of lithium polymer cells, a Mazda RX-7 with Li-Po cells, and an Audi A8), Corbin Sparrow, Volvo C-30, MB B-class plus several e-bikes. The “range extended” BEVs (such as the i3 REx and the Opel Ampera) had their gas tanks drained and then purposely run dry, then their filler flap was sealed with tamper-proof tape."



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